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Your request has been successfully received, and our team is currently reviewing your information. We're committed to responding as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we'd like to share a few key aspects of Tulua Health that make us a unique partner in your journey to wellness.

At Tulua Health, we believe that healing is a personal journey. That's why we offer individualized treatment plans designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your path to recovery is as unique as you are.

Beyond Traditional Methodology

A Novel Perspective on Recovery

We challenge conventional substance abuse care.

By addressing mental health trauma first, we find that substance abuse issues naturally begin to resolve. The staff at Tulua Health is skilled at guiding individuals towards a better life, providing patient and opportunity-rich treatment tailored to your needs.

Safe, Nurturing, Healing

More Than a Recovery Center

Safety and support form the cornerstone of recovery at Tulua Health. We offer a nurturing environment that extends beyond treatment. Our facilities boast modern amenities, ensuring privacy, comfort, and a range of supportive programs. Here, every aspect of our sober living homes is designed to provide you with a sanctuary that you can proudly call home.

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