What is Laced Weed and Why Is It Dangerous?

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May 14, 2023

Fred Bass

Laced weed is marijuana combined with other substances, such as harder drugs like cocaine or PCP, or hazardous materials like glass, to increase weight and mimic potency. Adulteration of drugs can have a significant impact on their effects, leading to unpredictable and potentially dangerous consequences. It is important for individuals to be aware of the potential dangers associated with smoking weed that has been laced with other substances. This can result in serious health risks, such as acute intoxication, physical harm, or even life-threatening reactions. It is important to be aware of the potential dangers and harmful side effects that can arise from purchasing products from unregulated sources.

Laced weed consists of an array of harder and more harmful drug compounds. These compounds can consist of cocaine, PCP, LSD, heroin, or other equally dangerous drugs.

Weed can even contain laundry detergent or other harmful body agents. Fentanyl is the latest common trend of laced weed that has proven to be a dangerous and often fatal mixture. Any added compound, whether intoxicating or not, has debilitating consequences on your body that may require immediate medical attention.

Laced weed contains harmful additional pollutants that are often unknown to the user until it’s too late. The interaction between weed mingled with other drugs can also lead to fatal outcomes. Depending on the source, the indulgence in marijuana products automatically puts you at risk of intaking laced weed.

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However, there are revealing indicators that can help you distinguish between what is laced and what is not. Knowing the appearance of laced weed and other defining characteristics will help you avoid possible health and life-threatening consequences.

What is Marijuana?

Raw marijuana is best known for its effects as a controlled substance. Marijuana contains both the chemical properties of THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive property that gives the user the ‘high’ feeling, hijacking the pleasure centers of your brain. CBD on the other hand is strictly a pain-relieving counter chemical that does not produce a psychoactive high. While some may be familiar with marijuana, others are not familiar that it is used for various purposes, both recreational and non-recreational.

What Are the Effects of Laced Weed?

Laced weed poses different dangers of varying degrees to different people. The common principle all have in common is the negative effects they have on one’s body. Aside from the discomfort laced weed presents, there are immediate health repercussions that can cause long-term or permanent damage.

Increased anxiety as it pertains to laced weed is not only a likely outcome, it can be a dangerous one. Regardless of prior exposure to drug additives to laced weed, the infusion of other drugs never mixes well with marijuana. The body’s exposure to multiple drugs at once triggers anxiety to elevate to unhealthy levels.

Under the influence of drugs, anxiety is an uncontrollable natural chemical response your body produces. With increased anxiety comes an accelerated heart rate. With an accelerated heart rate comes cardiac strain which can lead to heart attack or other equally imminent health concerns. If you experience anxiety, heart racing, or palpitations, seek immediate medical attention and therapy.

When foreign drugs are added to marijuana, it can create an equally conflicting response in the form of nausea. This is your body’s way of rejecting the foreign agents infused in laced weed. Nausea can also be a more fatal overdose response. If you experience vomiting or nausea that does not subside, you could be experiencing an overdose. This is a side-effect not to be ignored. If you or someone you know experiences vomiting as a result of marijuana use, heed the signs and get help now.

If you begin experiencing uncharacteristic stomach issues such as cramps or diarrhea, it may be in response to laced weed. Listen to the signs your body is trying to tell you. Refrain from further use before further complications and health problems occur.

Even more important than the effects under the influence are the lingering discomforts after the fact. Withdrawals and dependency can be either psychological, physical, or both. The fact is laced weed is always combined with a more addictive drug. Whether by accident or intent, bodily dependency on the coinciding drug can arise even after a single passive use of another infused drug. Don’t fall victim to the many who naively believe they won’t get addicted after one use. Any foreign agent your body is exposed to poses the risk of developing dependency, whether it is excessive or minuscule.

What are the Signs of Laced Weed?

Though it can be difficult to spot, there are a few defining characteristics that make laced weed stick out from the raw plant itself. Spotting the signs can help you or a loved one escape the harms of unnatural and addictive additives. The distinct features of laced weed have different appearances. Here’s how to know if weed is laced.

Marijuana has a very distinct odor and should smell as such. Any unusual stench outside of the usual skunk smell should be an immediate red flag that something is amiss. Don’t take a chance on what could be your final hit. If it smells off, go with your gut.

If you notice any color that does not look like it goes with the original leaf, you may be in possession of laced weed. Discoloration or whitening of leaves outside the norm should not be disregarded. Toss out any oddly shaped or tinted colored leaves. It’s not worth sacrificing your life for the sake of laced weed.

Sometimes you can tell if something has been tampered with simply by the packaging itself. This can be hard to spot, but any oddly shaped or repackaged product could be an indication of a drug that has been laced. Keep an eye out for uncommon flakes that are not marijuana leaves that may have separated themselves from the bud.

How To Avoid Consuming Laced Weed

There are other safe options that can help you avoid playing Russian roulette with your life. Some are more common than others but all of the options to be mentioned will make life longer and easier for you. Heeding these recommendations can save your life. A commitment to extending your quality of life will change your perspective on the tips to follow.

Taking products that do not contain mind-altering properties is likely to spare you from laced weed products. Most outlets or individuals who sell CBD are seeking medical pain and anxiety relief rather than the psychoactive ‘high’ chemicals. CBD products have natural pain-relieving elements without the ‘high’ feeling. Creams, lotions, topicals, and other CBD products are safe outlets for marijuana consumption. In addition, CBD products can eliminate the elevated anxiety levels that THC consumption can spawn.

Getting marijuana from a licensed retailer is the safest method of marijuana consumption. Living in cities with legalized marijuana can give you an upper hand in indulging in the safest form of certified marijuana consumption.

If you cannot resist the urge, at least get it from an authorized retailer. Getting a pre-sealed untampered product is one of the best ways to avoid receiving laced weed. Not buying weed on the streets is the best way to ensure that weed has not been laced with a dangerous additive. If you do not live in a region that supports legal marijuana, it is advisable for health and legal purposes that you abstain from marijuana use.

The most obvious, but most effective way to ensure you don’t consume laced weed is to remove it from your life completely. Stopping marijuana use not only prevents you from the dangers of laced weed but also stops the associated health defects of weed in its tracks. If you cannot cease from marijuana products, talk to a rehab professional about treatment options that can help remove that obstacle from your life.

Can You Become Addicted to Marijuana?

Contrary to popular belief, the psychoactive compounds of THC in marijuana do in fact have the ability to cause dependency. Like most other drugs that people get high from, THC can have both psychological dependencies and physical dependencies. Psychologically you can begin to crave the high euphoric feeling that accompanies marijuana consumption.

Furthermore, if consumed enough, your body can develop the same withdrawal symptoms that other harder drugs can also cause. Don’t become a victim of drug abuse in any form. Don’t let your guard down when it comes to marijuana. Understand that both regular or laced marijuana can present the same dependency dangers as other drugs.

Is There Treatment for Marijuana Addiction?

Yes, there are plentiful treatment options for marijuana addiction. Whether it’s detox, individual, or group therapy, professionals are waiting to show you the way to a happy life in sobriety. Tulua Health provides addiction treatment for all forms of substance abuse. Our empathetic professionals don’t take any struggle lightly, especially as it pertains to marijuana use. You can get the help you need now with a single tap, click, or phone call.

The Bottom Line

Here at Tulua Health, we understand that mental health challenges often co-occur with substance misuse and addiction. We offer help to those who are dealing with mental health conditions, knowing that these challenges can be debilitating.

Whether it is laced weed or pure, marijuana can become an addiction that takes up a majority of your time and money. Tulua Health can put you on the fast track to a productive life away from the lackluster lifestyle that accompanies heavy marijuana use. The only thing standing in the way of your dreams becoming reality is substance abuse. Don’t let anything prevent you from getting the help that you need.

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