Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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May 14, 2023

Fred Bass

Ketamine infusion therapy emerges as a pivotal treatment for pain, treatment-resistant mental health disorders, offering a rapid and effective response when other therapies fail. It works by restoring neuron connectivity in the brain, providing relief from symptoms of depression, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. While ketamine therapy carries some side effects, such as hallucinations and drowsiness, its high success rate and the ability to significantly alleviate symptoms make it a valuable option in psychiatric care.

Where prescription pills, individual care, and other treatments falter, ketamine infusion therapy thrives. Mental health conditions are the most discouraging animal anybody could battle, especially when all other forms of treatment have failed.

Where other treatments fail though is where ketamine infusion therapy reveals a secret door of hope. If you’re battling depression and no treatment has alleviated depression symptoms, talk to your doctor about ketamine infusion therapy.

Bear in mind that you should only explore this approach to therapy when most other options have been exercised. Ketamine therapy is not available everywhere. Any administration of ketamine injections must be done by a clinically-approved establishment. Being surrounded by FDA-approved experts is among the many reasons your care is assured in the hands of Tulua Health.

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Because depression is among the leading cause of suicidal tendencies and suicides, depression shouldn’t be battled alone. Being left to yourself only magnifies suicidal thoughts or tendencies. It is an equally dangerous condition to treat without medical assistance or observation. Here is everything you need to know about ketamine infusion therapy and how it could be your key to a long and joyous life.

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

For over 50 years, the anesthetic ketamine has proven to be an effective solution to the most severe cases of depression. Therapeutic administration of ketamine infusion is done through an IV to infuse its fast-acting effects gradually into your bloodstream.

Due to its highly potent properties, ketamine is not a first response to depression symptoms. When all treatments have been exercised, ketamine is a beacon of hope for those feeling hopeless. Its reported 50-70 percent success rate at minimizing or even eliminating depression has been heralded by the medical field worldwide. Since its FDA approval in 1970, ketamine treatment has saved many lives from the clutches of innumerable mental health disorders.

How Does Ketamine Treatment Fight Depression?

Ketamine fights depression by going directly to the inhibited neuron pathways of the brain that are causing depression. The intended effects usually onset within a few hours after use. Ketamine stimulates a mass production of glutamine, the primary neurotransmitter that mends these disconnected pathways that induce depression. Put simply, if your neuronic brain waves were pipelines, any kinks in these pipelines reduce activity in certain regions.

Unlike other prescriptions that require prolonged use over several months, years, or longer. Reduced activity due to these ‘kinks’ is what results in depression. Glutamine is the neurotransmitter that unblocks these passageways to restore full functionality and diminishes or neutralizes symptoms of depression.

Treatments are usually administered for six sessions spanning over the course of a few weeks. After six administrations, you enter a maintenance period where your progress is monitored. During this time your doctor will assess how many additional ketamine infusion therapy sessions are necessary if any.

Which Mental Health Conditions Does Ketamine Treat?

Ketamine has multiple benefits for a variety of mental health disorders. Numerous cases report feeling no symptoms of their mental health conditions for months and years beyond their ketamine infusion therapy. However, as with all ketamine infusion therapy, it is strictly an interventive treatment for all the conditions to-be-named. Your doctor will only recommend ketamine injections if no other treatments are improving your circumstance.

Ketamine has a proven track record for individuals who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. As a treatment for soldiers during the Vietnam war, numerous ketamine benefits were seen in soldiers experiencing pain and PTSD. Shortly thereafter, the FDA stamped its approval for ketamine being a treatment for a variety of disorders.

Though there is no cure for PTSD, the right treatment can greatly minimize your symptoms and in some cases make them feel non-existent. If nothing seems to abase your PTSD symptoms, talk to your doctor about how ketamine infusion therapy may work for you.

Anxiety disorders can have a trickle-down effect into worsening and subsiding other physical and mental health conditions. That’s why finding the right anxiety treatment for you is of the utmost importance. When anxiety treatments fail, it can worsen stress levels and other coexisting conditions even further. Thankfully, at the end of all therapies for stress-related conditions, your options don’t end there.

Ketamine injections can be the one-stop shop for all your anxiety disorder needs. Ketamine infusion therapy is a proven suppressor of all forms of anxiety disorders. The same brainwave blockages that cause other mental conditions are the same blockages that elevate anxiety and induce stress disorders. Ketamine treatment could very well be the answer to all your stress-related issues.

Perhaps the most dangerous of all listed conditions is depression due to the fact that it comes in many forms. Someone who suffers from a depression disorder doesn’t necessarily have hard circumstances or situations.

More often than not someone with depression can come across as though he or she has another problem in the world. But lurking beneath the surface could be a person who feels the world is caving in around him or her. That reason alone intensifies the need for imminent treatment that’s right for you.

What are the Side-Effects of Ketamine Treatment?

Though ketamine has long-term healing effects, it comes with a few immediate mild short term side-effects. It is because of these side effects that you will need a trusted individual to transport you to and from your ketamine infusions. Withstanding the short-term drawbacks will be worth it in the long run. Here is a brief rundown of the side effects to expect during ketamine infusion therapy.

Because of ketamine's psychoactive effects of stimulating neuron pathways, hallucinations can occur in some therapy recipients. These hallucinations can feel real and frightening to some, which is why doctor supervision throughout the process is required. This specific side-effect tends to wear off rather quickly but is no less tantalizing.

Don’t be alarmed if you experience uncharacteristic fatigue after receiving ketamine infusion therapy. Tiredness or exhaustion is the most lingering and one of the most common ketamine infusion side effects. Anything that alters neuronal activity is likely to cause extreme fatigue until the infusion recipient gets the necessary rest.

Getting a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do to accelerate the recuperating process. Chances are you’ll get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a while. Better yet, you could wake up feeling better than you have felt in a while.

As ketamine begins to balance your brain's electromagnetic frequencies, you may experience dizzy spells. Because ketamine opens up healthy airways in the brain that your body is used to being closed, dizziness or disorientation can occur. While it can be discomforting, this should clear up after a short period of time.

What are the Benefits of Ketamine Treatment?

There are far more pros to receiving ketamine treatment than there are cons. While the side effects may be discomforting, it won’t take long for you to see and reap the benefits of mental fortitude. Allow these refreshing ketamine benefits to compel you to take that next fateful step to make an appointment.

Tulua Health experts understand the discouraging toll mental health can take on one’s psyche. That’s why throughout the injection administering process, a ketamine therapy specialist will be with you every step of the way. By keeping you detailedly informed throughout the process, our dedicated team will be your anchor of encouragement. Oftentimes the greatest benefit a mental health patient can have is the dependable support and sympathy from a therapist.

Ketamine injections perform a dual-fold action of killing depression whilst equipping your mind with confidence. A large part of ketamine’s positive effects comes from this natural mental reinforcement of your confidence. Ketamine simply opens up those dormant neuronic airways of confidence that have always been there. Depression and confidence are two words that are polar opposites and ketamine injections kill the problem while increasing what is needed.

There are innumerable reports of ketamine treatment being the solution where no other medications or treatments could be. Many have reported diminished symptoms or no symptoms at all upon concluding their injections. This is the end goal and success story of many who enter ketamine injection therapy.

Your peace of mind is worth getting the greatest care you deserve, which is what you’ll get with ketamine administration. Getting this specialized FDA-approved care can instill mental fortitude and complete peace of mind like never before. Ketamine has been an end-all for many strugglers with anxiety and depression disorders.

Take the Plunge

If no treatment has worked for you up till this point, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. This game-changing therapy has a proven track record that can change every facet of your life.

You can be happy again, live life to the fullest, and enjoy every moment. Most importantly, you can have your deepest dreams come true with one simple call. A loving professional at Tulua Health is standing by waiting for you to free your mind by reaching out today.

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