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Emotional health is a state of well-being in which an individual can cope with life's challenges, feel good about themselves, and function in day-to-day activities. Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual can think, feel, and act in ways that promote their own and others' safety,…


Yes, yoga therapy can help improve mental health. There are many yoga therapy benefits including reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing energy levels. Yoga therapy for mental health can also help to decrease anxiety and depression symptoms.


Anxiety can be caused by a variety of triggers. Some triggers are more obvious than others, but identifying them is the first step to managing anxiety.


Throughout life, it is natural to experience a range of emotions. Amongst these emotions is feelings of sadness. Everyone feels sad at times, especially after some kind of event such as a breakup or the loss of a loved one.


Encountering stress during work is completely normal. Stress to some degree is considered healthy. Your anxiety affecting work may be challenging. However, for individuals that suffer from anxiety disorders, it can be hard to determine where the healthy stress ends and the negative stress begins.


Abusing alcohol or other drugs can affect the body in several ways. With this in mind, there is no surprise that there’s a connection between alcohol and skin disorders. Frequent abuse of alcohol can end up leaving the skin dry and damaged in some cases.

ketamine infusion therapy

Where prescription pills, individual care, and other treatments falter, ketamine infusion therapy thrives. Mental health conditions are the most discouraging animal anybody could battle, especially when all other forms of treatment have failed. Where other treatments fail though is where ketamine infusion therapy reveals a secret door of hope.

laced weed

Laced weed consists of an array of harder and more harmful drug compounds. These compounds can consist of cocaine, PCP, LSD, heroin, or other equally dangerous drugs. Weed can even contain laundry detergent or other harmful body agents. Fentanyl is the latest common trend of laced weed that has proven…

alcohol and inflammation

A lesser-known health detriment caused by drinking is the link between alcohol and inflammation caused in other parts of the body. When doctors cite health problems associated with drinking, the relationship between alcohol and swelling from inflammation is among the most rarely spoken of.

Alcohol Detox at Home

If you’re considering quitting heavy drinking, you may have questions. How long will your detox last and how can you do it? Is it safe to go through alcohol detox at home on your own?

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